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"I always wanted to understand more about the business aspects of the projects I work on."

"This would continue to allow me to constantly remain a positive role model for my children allowing them to understand that it's never too late to make a better you."

"I want to be able to sit in a class, raise my hand, look into the faces of my fellow students, and feel the atmosphere of the room."

"I am... pursuing the Bryan MBA to assist me in developing my abilities to effectively negotiate, motivate, present, and encourage fellow employees to realize and work towards the goals of the organization."

"I have seen many scientists who do not understand the business aspect of the pharmaceutical/biotech industries, as well as many executives who fail to realize the tedious and rigorous aspect of the chemical sciences. [A Bryan degree] could open the door for me to broaden my expertise [and] move from a bench level position to a managerial one."

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